Joined the EU in 1981 and isn't a founder


The first Olympics were yield in Olympia , Greece .

Greece cities

Greece has many cities its capital is Athens. Some other cities are Piraues, Nikaia, Lárisa,Vólos . Those are some of many cities in Greece . Greece has a government called a parliamentary republic


The Drachma was Greece's currency before the Euro their current currency .

Greece flag

Made Greece flag in 1978. The blue represents Greek sea the white represents the restless waves making foam. The cross is the symbol of the Greek orthodox church
It is located south of Albania, Bulgaria , Macedonia . Greece is a very mountainis area.
Greece was taken over by Ancient Rome and Alexander the greats empire.

Tourist atraction

There're are many people that visit Athens each year because of its historical importance


Greece has many mountains but it's highest point is mount Olympus .

Greek mythology

Greek mythology are stories that ancient Greeks created to explain things that happened in the world . They believed in 12 Olympians being Athena,Zeus,Poseidon,Dionysus , Hera , dementer , Apollo , Atermis, Hermes, hestia and many many others that if I tried to write them all it would take for ever.

Hellnic republic

Even though the common name for Greece is Greece it's official name is the Hellnic republic .


It's not unusual for a family to chose their food by going into the kitchen and choosing food that is in pots