The Ending of Slavery

Is The Most Impactful Event In U.S History Because.........

It gave freedom to the former slaves

  • The Emancipation Proclamation help the slaves,because on January 1,1863 it turn all the slaves in the Confederacy from "slave" to "free".
  • Even though President Abraham Lincoln issued this proclamation the Confederacy didn't like it ,because they didn't believe they were still part of the U.S.
  • Later the 13th Amendment ended all slavery .{ The 13th amendment was part of the reconstruction amendments}

Granted them individual rights

  • The 13th amendment was the first step into getting there individual rights.It helped them gain freedoms .
  • The 14th amendment was the second step to the former slaves getting their individual rights.It gave them citizenship. Even though they had freedom they didn't have citizenship until the 14th amendment .
  • The 15th amendment gave them the right to vote . Not the women ,because the white women weren't allowed to vote yet either.

It led to an innovation in farming

  • Since the south depended on slaves to work in the field ,after the ending of it they had no one to work for them.
  • The white plantation owners started using machines instead.
  • After the slaves where free they couldn't get any jobs on the farms ,because they started using machines instead of people .

It also led to a decrease of racism in the U.S .

  • So in the 1800s when there were still slaves they were treated terribly.
  • After the war and slavery ended there was still racism , the former slaves weren't treated equal to the white settlers .
  • For thirty year ,after the war , there was segregation in the U.S and there was no way in mixing the two races .
  • Still today in 2016 there is still racism today ,but it will never be as horrifying as it was during the slave times.