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This is Smore

Hi guys this is Smore, your creative newsletter maker. This is a simple application and the possibilities are endless. There are different templates and this one is the activity or class template. This newsletter will tell you what is Smore. The best part is that this is free

This Software is simple

This software is simple to use and it's free! It doesn't take more than 1 minute to set up. If you love this application you can even upgrade to pro user and get smore of everything. To make a newsletter is easy, all you have to do is say new template then click on new flyer and pow. You did it, you can choose your template and you can work on your flyer. You can choose colors like red and orange. Orange you glad!! Now go grab some eggless marshmallows and listen to eggstactly to what I am saying- This app is awesome. Let me tell you s'more things about smore.

Guaranteed to be easy

How can you use this

You can use it for so many things like :

  1. Vacation
  2. Birthday parties
  3. Events
  4. Etc

Cool Features

Well Now you nose how to use it. Let me tell you some cool features. You can have as many pieces of text you want and the newsletter can go on forever. You can bold text and itilize it like so "You have to weigh marshmallows in Grahams."
This button Can open links

This link take you to Smore Website


You can add video to your flyer its simple. All you have to do is:

Have the link then go and paste it in the video link embedding Button when it asks if you want to add more things to your flyer

Big image
Smore Tutorial

My project Presentation

Tuesday, Oct. 13th, 3pm

195 Major Road


Add Event times and tell where it is. You can give directions to go to the place or if it is a online event just check the box where it says "this is an online event".


This is probably the guy who is presenting in front of your faces.

Let Stop with the puns

Aren't these too many puns? Ok enough pons (brain stem). This app is amazing you have to join. It's free or if you are dedicated enough to join that is your choice. I mustache you a question, are you going to join? hunkikijdonfnsdon