Demonstration Task- Rich Task

Samriddh C. @ Gagan Law

Date & Time

  1. June 10th 2016
  2. 1:30 PM

Description- Transaction Set

In the world of Real Estate Law, transactions are at the focal point of operating a successful Law firm.Transactions result in purchases of properties, obtaining a new mortgage and the sale of land among many other scenarios. The three primary transactions that fuel a change in properties are Purchases, Sales and Mortgages. For my demonstration task, we will go through the process of completing one of these transactions from the first step to the last shred.

The set will require 3 imperative skills to perform at the highest standard: Customer Service(as we will be conversing with clients attentively), Computer technology(as we will be handling the online system) and documentation(as we will be typing out detailed documents consisting of personal information of the client).

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In my experience as a legal assistant at Gagan Law, I have been tasked with handling many daily routines and completing various tasks. Thus I yearned for a demonstration task that would encompass all my responsibilities. A great mix of simplicity and complex procedures, finding the impeccable balance.

I felt that this would be a much better demonstration task to perform rather than just calling a client or filing papers as this procedure implements all the learning skills required to work at a Law Firm as a Legal Assistant .

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Detailed description of steps.

  1. Open the Firm's storage, whether it be online or in physical form and find a specific client's file.
  2. Call the client, and be sure to mention your name and where you are calling them from.
  3. Make them feel comfortable, relaxed and welcomed on the phone as the client's satisfaction is the prime reason the firm operates.
  4. Extract the necessary information from them such as Date of Birth, Marital status and home address as these facts are needed for documentation.
  5. Write that information down on a piece of paper or notepad.
  6. Using that information pull up a default initial mortgage/sale/purchase letter(which is stored in the system)
  7. Apply the changes into the letter, such as the name's of the clients, the property address etc.
  8. Print the letter and have it signed by the Lawyer.
  9. Make a copy of the letter, and bring both copies to your own desk.
  10. Shred the original copy and file the copied one into the client's folder.
  11. Take a garbage bag, empty the shredder and throw the garbage outside.
  12. Look around your workstation to organize everything, put the work tools back in the positions they were in and give yourself a pat on the back.
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Required Materials

  1. Pencil
  2. Note Pad
  3. Computer
  4. Stapler
  5. Pen
  6. Garbage Bag
  7. Telephone

Special Instructions

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