Easter's Coming! 🐣

I feel like a broken record sometimes but, WOW! Where did March go? Time is flying by at a rapid pace before you know it Summer will be here! April is packed with goodness. We have a lot going on and it is all going to be super fun! This month we will be doing recycled art pieces in the classrooms. Since Earth Day is also this month, what better way to celebrate it than to express our support for Mother Earth through recycling. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Easter is also this month, and we will be having our Easter Parties and Easter Egg hunts on Thursday, April 6th. Whew! See, I told you we have a lot going on this month. But that is life, right? There is always something going on and we get busy. The trick is to not let life get away from you and enjoy the present. I know I could use many more lessons on how to do that. We want our children to have great childhoods, filled with many experiences and memories. Easter is a time of rebirth. Between the egg hunts and chocolates, it is easy to overlook the real meaning of Easter. Talking to your kids about Jesus’ life and incorporating your faith into your Easter traditions will help children understand what Easter is all about. (Simplified )

Ideas for Family Activities πŸ‡

Dates To Remember!

April 5-6 Picture Day

April 7 Closed Good Friday

April 9 Easter Sunday

April 22 Earth Day

April 27 Fiesta Shoe Box Float Parade 10:30 am

April 28 Closed Battle of the Flowers

Happy Birthday April Song


Ryan W. April 2

Tylee M. April 4

John Luke T. April 7

Asher D. April 7

Enzo D. April 7

Jaxon R. April 8

Alanna S. April 9

Angelly G. April 14

Everett R. April 16

Aubree S. April 17

Paloma M. April 26


Thank you, Ms. Sonya Aguirre! Ms. Aguirre's employer is a site for Book Rich Environment (BRE) Initiative. This program provides new books for children in the community. Because of this program the center was given the opportunity to pick up 200 new books. Ms. Aguirre is also a member of the CDC's Parent Board!
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Boogie Down Fridays is a great way to end a week of hard work and reward our students and families with some fun activities so, parents at drop off and pick up on Fridays beginning in April be prepared to Boogie your way in and out of the center! Your little ones love to let loose and have a dance party!