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May 6, 2015

3rd Years ~ On Ramps Credit Decision Time

Parents of and Learners enrolled in 3rd Year OnRamps courses, please be on the lookout tonight for a letter from the Academy that details the procedure for transcripting UT Austin credit. Pay special attention to "action" dates on the timeline. Thank you!

3rd Years Presentation Day for DECISION ROOM

Learners have completed the bulk of their research process and are now applying that information in the development of their Decision Rooms. Many groups have very similar approaches, but the implementation of their ideas vary widely. We are so excited to see the final productions on the evening of Monday, May 18th. We hope many of you can join us on that date as well.

Parents and friends are invited to experience the various Decision Rooms from 4:45-6:30.

In this project learners were challenged with the question:

How do you determine the best decision possible?

Learners are working in groups representing a cabinet of advisors for each presidential term from Cleveland through Obama.

The group's mission:

● Write a presidential summation report

● Use technology and engineering to create your own decision room.

● Combine all the elements of the project into a website.

The learner's mission:

● Create an original work of art about conflict which will be presented in a gallery show on display outside of the decision room.

● Create a thorough, well researched, brief for the president in which you recommend a course of action on a decision they faced during their term in office; present the brief from the point of view of the cabinet position in which you serve.


Last SAT is June 6 with the registration deadline being May 8.

This is the last administration of the SAT until the fall.

Last ACT until fall is June 13 with a May 8 registration deadline.

We strongly encourage you to take both.

1st Years to UNT!

The first years will be going on a field trip to UNT on Tuesday, May 26. Please sign and return permission slips by Friday, May 22!



April and May are two months full of testing on secondary campuses.

Below are some dates you will want to be aware of:

May 7th-US History EOC

May 8th-AP U.S. History exam

May 13th-AP Statistics exam

May 14th-AP World History exam

May 15th-AP Human Geography and AP Micro Economics exams

AP Exams begin promptly at 8am, with the exception of Statistics, which begins at 12pm.

National Honor Society Induction Update:

The NHS induction is coming up soon on May 21st, so it's important to be sure your learner has taken care of all requirements and is still meeting the NHS standards as outlined in the information packet shared earlier this year.

Upcoming Checkpoints:

  • Second semester hours are due by 4:30pm on Tuesday May 12th. This is a hard deadline!!
  • Grades for both those working towards induction as well as those continuing will be reviewed this week. NHS requires that learners are passing all classes and have a B average.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Hirsch.


On May 12th and May 19th we will host our 2nd annual Spring College Nights.

From 6:30-7:15 learners will have the opportunity to visit with representatives in a College Fair setting.

After the College Fair we will move to a panel discussion where learners will ask questions in a large group setting.

The evening will conclude at 8pm.

On May 12th, we will be hosting SMU, Purdue University, Kansas State, Samford University, Embry Riddle, Missouri S&T

On May 19th, we will be hosting Iowa State University, Texas A&M, TCU, OU, Texas Tech, and UNT.

Make plans to attend with your learner!

Cool News About Our Learners!

Third Year learners Colin McMahan and Nick Hughes Graduate from the Congressional Youth Advisory Council!:

Congressman Sam Johnson created the Congressional Youth Advisory Council (CYAC) in 2004 to gain insight from students in his district and to inspire civic-minded young adults to achieve their full potential. The Council meets approximately twice each school semester in the Third District. During the CYAC activities, high-achieving students explore the role citizens, lawmakers, experts, and institutions play in a democracy.

Third Year learner Rachel West earns Girl Scout Gold Award!:

The Girl Scout Gold Award expresses a girl's special commitment to herself, her community, her world, and the future. During the lengthy process to achieve this special recognition, Rachel created a first years' orientation camp for incoming students at our school last summer encouraging new relationships and building confidence in a new learning environment. Rachel will continue her commitment this summer for next year's incoming 1st Years!

If you have a story to share about a Titan's achievements beyond the learning spaces on campus, just email Principal Lynn Ojeda!

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We are seeking Internships for our rising Seniors!

Our third years have begun securing internships for their graduation requirement of 30 hours which many will start during the summer. We are committed to providing authentic academic experiences in a project-based environment. The internship is the culmination of these experiences. The goal of an internship is for learners to have a rich, authentic, experience in a professional environment in which the learner has demonstrated interest. If you or someone you know owns a small business or works for a company where a high school student may complete 30 or more non-paid internship hours, please contact Principal Lynn Ojeda at lynn.ojeda@pisd.edu for more information including an upcoming informational meeting for those internship host companies and a job fair in early June for our 3rd Years. Thank you for supporting all of our Titans!

Internship Host Meeting: Tuesday, May 12th @ 8:30 am or 5:00 pm in the Bubble

Job Fair: Tuesday, June 6th @ 2:00 -4:30 pm

Upcoming Events!

5/7 Titan Talk for 1st Years in the afternoon

5/8 Titan Talk, learner-led in the morning

5/12 College Night 1

5/19 PTSA General Meeting and College Night 2

5/21 NHS Induction

5/26 1st Years to UNT

5/28 Spring Student Recognition Ceremony

6/2 Internship Job Fair for 3rd Years