Reeves Review

September 23, 2015

Leaders in the Making

This week several of the students in our class submitted speeches to run for an office on our HWES Student Council. I am so proud of how many leaders we have in our classroom. Only three students will be allowed to run for each office, so the speeches were judged by Spring Hill High School Student Council and the Top 3 will be announced on Thursday morning. There will be other student council opportunities available by being a class representative. Our classmates will be looking for leaders who will represent our class in the Student Council meetings.

I am really proud of how most of our classmates are involved in clubs throughout our school. We are very well represented. Way to go, Reeves' Kids!!!

Reading and Writing

In reading I am still reading aloud the book Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli. We are learning more and more about the main character Jeffery Magee and the struggles he encounters. We are learning about racial prejudice and how Jeffery is blind to this issue in the town he is living in. We are learning that being blind to these issues is much easier than facing them head on. Students are given the opportunity to talk to their classmates throughout the read aloud about the tough issues we are reading about. I love hearing their conversations. Today, Wednesday, we had our very first Socratic Seminar. IT WAS AMAZING!!! We used an article from the Time for Kids as our text and I posed a question for the students to respond to. Please ask them about this. I plan on recording our next one so that you can see how awesome and thoughtful your children are in the classroom. Don't forget that students should be reading their Time for Kids at home each week and bring it back to class each day. The Time for Kids quizzes are on Thursdays.

We will hopefully be wrapping up our Genre study this week. I expect a quiz on the different genres to be sometime early next week.

In writing we are researching and beginning the writing of our first ever Informational book. Students have chosen topics, checked books out from the library or gotten information from the internet, organized their notes, and are preparing to begin their writing to put it all together. This will come in handy when we begin our Native American Research Project, when they are writing another research paper.

Remember to study the stems and vocab each night because we have those quizzes on Fridays.


I have been so proud of the math conversations in our classroom. From Superstar Math to Daily Math, your children are talking about their strategies, their solutions, and they are listening to explanations from their classmates. It is just awesome to see. Mr. Newton was in our classroom this week and listened to them for a little while. He, too, was very impressed. We have started our first unit in the Investigations math. We will be diving deep into multiplication and division as the unit progresses.

Thank you so much for all of your support with getting your children to log onto ALEKS once they are home. It is required for them to spend at least 30 minutes a week at home using this math program. I PROMISE YOU that it will make a huge difference. I am checking throughout the week to see who is logging on and how many topics they are learning. When assisting them at home, please do not just give them answers... it will not help them. There is always an explanation button for them to read and see how to work out the problems. If they need help after that you can help if you have time, and if you do not have time, they can go to another topic.

Science and Social Studies

I am sure that you have heard all about science this week. GUM! GUM! GUM! Today they were blowing bubbles and measuring how big they were, and it was hilarious. Believe it or not, they are learning about the Scientific Process while chewing all of this gum. hahaa Next week we will dive even deeper into this unit and finish up. Like I said before, this unit in science is the hardest, but it is the backbone to every other unit we will study.

We will get into our Social Studies more next week learning about how the first Americans came to the Americas.

Please remember that the Science and Social Studies notebooks are the study guides. Everything that they need to study will be in their notebooks.


Interim reports will be coming home on Friday. Please know that there are not very many grades in each subject at this time because it is hard getting grades the first few weeks of school. I feel like getting to know each other and how our classroom community works is more important in the beginning. So, if your child has a 100 in a subject, that may change after we get into curriculum more and the material gets more difficult. We have been in the training stages thus far.

Thank you so, so much for all of your support so far this school year. I am one lucky teacher!

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