Chapter 16 Section 2

By Elizabeth Sanchez

Historical Events (1)

Culture: many trade routes have affected many different people and cultures have affected people in Transcaucasia, more than 50 different people live in this region, many different language have also been introduced the Indo -European, Caucasian and Altaic, which are the regions most common languages.
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Historical Event (2)

Religion because of Migration: There are many different religions in this area but the most common religion followed here is either the Christian or Islamic faith
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Historical Event (3)

Czarist and Soviet Rule: In the 18th century, the troops of the Russian Empire joined a list of invaders. The South ward expansion started in the 1500s but did not began making process until the 1700s. In 1828 Russian armies took control of a large stretch of Armenian territory.
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Transcaucasia now has a Democratic Federative republic kind of government.


Today the Transcaucasian Republics ranges from the tourism and wine industries of subtropical Georgia to large- scale production in Azerbeijan.
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