National Security

Has the war in Iraq made U.S. safe?

Has the war in Iraq made the U.S. safer?

I believe the war in Iraq has made the U.S. a target for them. I believe so because the U.S. military is on Iraq soil. So, Iraq has the advantage to learn what we have and how to attack us without the military even knowing. Also, there's even a controversy on the military killing children when the women are strapped with bombs and carrying their children then walking in front of the military vehicles.

View Point of Barrack Obama

In October 2nd 2002 candidate Barrack Obama authorized U.S. military to go to Iraq. But, he was not voting for an early pullout. In 2004 he wanted more troops to be sent to Iraq. Later in 2007 Obama wanted to cut all funds for the war. Also now, he his wanting for world peace so all states and islands can live peacefully in the world we live on with no wars.

View Point of Mitt Romney

As governor, Mitt Romney didn't think it was his place to talk about the war in Iraq. But later, he speaks out that he is supportive of the war. Also, as he was still governor, he supported the decision of president Bush to alter a strategy through the surge. Eventually, Mitt Romney finally comes to his senses to finally let the troops come home.