Pursuing Silhouettes

Cutting media effect on body image reduces eating disorders

Model Behavior


Most little girl’s dreams are to be a famous model. But those who happen to be quite serious about it, even at a young age, may develop an eating disorder. And they can thank 2015’s society for this outbreak across nations in the modeling industry. It is not just America that is affected. France is one of the most image conscious countries in the world. Paris and MIlan are two of the fashion capitals of the world as well. Imagine what their model productions are in these cities. Taking a laxative tea or pill is one thing to retain a weight loss. Models in this country are so skinny, that the French government is getting involved. I don’t know if you know this but the French Parliament is a very serious government. So to take action in an issue the United States wouldn’t even consider a governmental problem, must mean that is an incredibly vast unnerving situation in France. In an article regarding the matter, “France's Parliament has moved to make it a crime to use anorexic models or encourage anorexia, as authorities try to crack down on the glorification of dangerously thin women,” (Charlton). Other countries have joined in making this a law such as Spain and Israel. “‘It's not just about protecting the models but also teenagers, because this body-image pressure also affects them and contributes to the emergence of eating disorders and tendencies to eat less and less,’ said Olivier Veran, a neurologist and legislator who championed the anorexia measure,” (Charlton). Media is spreading that this is a trend to be extremely skinny as a model, that they don’t realize the physical and mental effect it has on teen girls around the world.


France may have had the right idea. They created a law that took away the problem of anorexia and promoting anorexia. But in the United States, there are so many other issues at hand, a model being too thin is not one of them. So we can’t necessarily make it illegal to be an anorexic model. But the legislature can make it illegal to promote eating disorders. Many girls who have access to the media can look up anorexia and bulimia. Some of the first things that are shown up is websites promoting the very fact. This is simply not okay at all. There are parents out there that have lost children to an eating disorder due to the pressure society places on young girls to look a certain way. With our first amendment rights, we are free to petition the government to stop from promoting the positives to all ed (eating disorders). Because there is no positive whatsoever.

Diet Sadness


Sure, media is great. Let’s be honest we use it all the time. But, just like most anything there is a dark side-effect to this worldwide phenomenon. Media portrays young girls as flat-out beautiful and super skinny. This makes young girls feel like their body is not good enough and leads to anorexia, bulimia, and no happiness. This cycle can become life threatening. What is even more sad is girls start to diet when they are just ten years old. Lori, from Scholastic Choices, stated, “He(Blashill) has conducted studies showing that there's a strong link between how we feel about our appearance and our overall happiness, despite whatever shape or size we happen to be,”(Gottlieb). When people are so worried about their body, it affects their own happiness. As the ANAD stated “Almost 50% of people with eating disorders meet the criteria for depression,”(ANAD). Happiness is so valuable and when it is spent worrying about your body compared to a modes it is worthless.


There are many solutions to this horrific problem. The major solution to completely vanish the problem related to no happiness is to use realist models not the barbie like ones ALL the time. This will affect the human race because it will make people feel like their body is good enough for the world, which it is. Then, it will end the need for people to feel like they need to diet, become anorexic or bulimic. Finally, this solution will make people feel so much more happier. Have you ever heard the saying, happy wife happy life? This saying is not always directed towards wives. If anyone is happier then they will have a happier life. I had a first hand experience with this situation. One of my friends at tennis was really concerned about looking, acting, and having the same things as another girl at tennis. This consumed a lot of her happiness and this showed that when you are so concerned with how someone else looks it will affect your personality and happiness.

Isabella Blakley

Isabella is in Mrs. Purcell's 4th and 5th Period ILA class at Hunt Middle School. She enjoys dancing, reading, and playing with her two dogs, Buddy and Bandit.

Shea Walk

Shea is in Mrs. Purcell's 4th and 5th Period ILA class at Hunt Middle School. She enjoys playing tennis at Lifetime Fitness and can be caught saying "Oh my."
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