D97 Library News January 2015

January News

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Some Important January Dates

January 1st: New Years Day

Take a look at these New Year's lesson plans. It's a great time to reflect on the past and make goals for the future!

January 4th: Jacob Grimm's birthday

Compare and contrast Grimm's fairy tales with versions from other authors or countries. Use the online catalog to search for your favorites!

January 11th: Amelia Earhart Day

Find out about this fascinating woman with a biography or 15 Fun Facts about Amelia Earhart.

January 19th: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Read My Brother, Martin: a sister remembers growing up with the Reverend Martin Luther King or Martin's Big Words. Both are available in the online catalog. Check out Bookflix for a fiction and nonfiction book about Martin under "People and Places."

January 23rd: National Handwriting Day/John Hancock's Birthday

Celebrate penmanship along with remembering our American founding father most well-known for his signature on the Declaration of Independence! You might substitute handwriting for keyboarding or have students practice their own 'John Hancock'.

Books We Love!

Britannica Encyclopedia Online

Access through the District 97 library sidebar 'Research' then click on Britannica. Our district user name is op97. The password is easy to learn. You can learn the password by asking your teacher librarian. You can also learn about many topics using this resource.