The Dreaded Cough....

Fusion Classroom Notification

When to keep your child home.

Dear Fusion classroom parents,

unfortunately, this classroom has been experiencing a tough strain of the common cold. When colds settle and coughs continue this is a sign of bronchitis and other viruses. Please be sure to pay close attention to your child's cough, temperature & demeanor.

Please keep your child home if the cough sounds tight. This will sound almost like a bark when your child coughs due to air ways being constricted- your child should see a doctor if this is a symptom he or she has.

Please keep your child home if you hear 'rattling' in your child's chest. (you can check by finding a quiet area and putting your ear to your child's back) Your child might have a form of bronchitis or an upper respiratory infection. Please also see a doctor if this a symptom your child has.

Should your child have either of these symptoms at school or a fever, we will be sending them home. Please do NOT bring your child back to school without being seen by a doctor and with a clearance note.

This has been a tough year for sicknesses. We are doing our very very best to continue to work on our hand washing skills with the children and constant green sanitation process of the classrooms and school as a whole.Please also check that you are taking your child's cup home daily to be washed. This will also help in the sanitation process. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Thank you!

Aimee, Ashley & The Fusion Teaching Team :)