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Paddock Road Monthly Newsletter

February 1, 2019

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Calendar Happenings

February 4th - 10th B & G Tasty Foods Fundraiser Earn 25% of your sales for PR!

February 5th - PR Community Club Meeting 6:30pm

February 9th - Unified Activity - Floor Hockey at Sunset Hills 11:00am

February 11- 6th Grade Gallup Parent/Child Night 7pm WMS Cafeteria

February 12 - 6th Grade Strings Solo Night - Westside Middle School Auditorium 6:30pm

February 12th - Planet Sub Night

February 14th - Valentine's Day Parties 2:30pm

February 18th - NO SCHOOL - Presidents Day - Teacher InService

February 24th - 4:05pm PR Fun night at the Lancer's Hockey Game

February 25th - March 1 - Staff Appreciation Week

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Second Grade Graph Fun

After School Clubs S.T.E.A.M.

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Click the link below to register for the S.T.E.A.M. Club

Making Friends

Friendships are an important part of school! Here are some tips for making and keeping friends.

* Model good friendship skills for your child. Encourage friendliness, sharing and being a good listener. When they have trouble, help them problem solve and develop their own problem solving skills.

* Be empathetic. Help your child identify how people are feeling based on facial expressions or actions and encourage them to react appropriately.

* Set up opportunities for play in various situations – have play dates or participate in an activity they enjoy where peers will be involved (Girl Scouts, soccer, etc).

* Pay attention – When playing, does your child have any behaviors that could hinder friendships? Talk about them and discuss different ideas.

Visit the following links for more information

Meaningful Mama – Mom, I Don’t Have Friends

The Better Mom – 10 Ways to Help Your Child Build Friendships

Sarah Lieske, NCC, LMHP

School Counselor

Writer's Workshop In Front of the Fire


Consider being a TeamMates Mentor

This past month was Mentor Recognition month with TeamMates of Nebraska. The positive impact of TeamMates Mentoring on a student/mentees’ levels of hope, engagement in school, and well-being has been well researched. In a recent school year,

* 75 percent of TeamMates mentees had fewer unexcused absences

* 84 percent of TeamMates mentees experienced fewer disciplinary referrals

* 55 percent of TeamMates mentees improved their academic performance

Please consider making a 1-hour a week commitment (meeting at school, only during school calendar) to make an incredible difference in a child’s life. TeamMates prefers mentors to be able to commit to the program for at least 3 years to make a lasting impression. If you are interested in learning more about TeamMates Mentoring, contact Mrs. Lieske (402-408-8836). The comments below from mentees reveal how this touches a child’s life:

"Thank you so much for coming and seeing me each week. I'm so happy that you're my mentor. I love spending time with you. I will do anything to make you proud. I won't ever let you down.” - TeamMate Mentee

“"Thank you for being a teammate of mine. I enjoy spending my time every week to talk about how I am. You're like a pal to me.” - TeamMate Mentee

Battle of The Books

Saturday, March 30th, 9am

8601 Arbor Street

Omaha, NE

You may register and find more information at this site:

or if your questions aren't answered there you may use the following email to get your questions answered.

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Paddock Road Fun Night at the Lancer's Game!

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