Gregor Mendel

Father of Modern Physic's

Early life and Sucesses

Mendel was born with poor parents and had hard times in school. When he was a teenager he failed lots of tests and he thought he was not smart enough.

Experimental Design

Experimental Design, There is some other kind of fruits and vegetables what Mendel called hybrids. Add different types of seeds in the same place and they might end up being different. Rounded peas and long stems were the kind Mendel wanted to make.


Specific Data: Produced yellow peas when different seeds planted together. Some peas turned green while most were yellow. Only used green pea seeds the first few tries. It shows that when you use green seeds only you get a yellow pea pod and seeds.

Reactions and foundations

Reactions: Scientist didn't react much because they thought what Mendel discovered was already discovered,he would be later recognized after his death for other people figured out that it was something new. There are now many different kinds of fruits and vegetables because of Mendel's work.