Prisoner of Night and Fog

Written by Anne Blankman


Prisoner of Night and Fog by Anne Blankman tells the story of a girl named Gretchen Müller, a National Socialist, who is told her whole life that her father was a hero by jumping out in front of her Uncle Adolf Hitler during a shooting. Gretchen meets a handsome boy who tells her that her father's death was staged. But this wasn't just any boy. He was a Jewish journalist. Gretchen is hesitant to trust a Jew, which her Uncle 'Dolf thinks is a taboo against the National Socialists. Will she trust the Jew? Will she find out who killed her father? Read Prisoner of Night and Fog to find out!


I think that the theme of my book is bravery. I think this because Gretchen has to investigate without getting caught. She has to sneak around her hometown, searching for clues about her passed father with a Jew. Jews are hated throughout Munich, so Gretchen must keep quiet about certain things so she doesn't get punished, or worse, killed.


I decided to reasearch Adolf Hitler, seeing as how he had a big role in this book. Adolf Hitler had 6 siblings, but only 1 made it past infancy. Adolf also had an interest in the fine arts, which his father beat him for. Adolf's father, Alois, wanted him to enroll into the military. Alois died in 1903 from lung problems. Adolf had lung problems his whole life as well. Hitler decided to apply for a fine arts collage after his father died. His application to a collage was rejected. His mother developed breast cancer and soon later died after taking a dangeous drug, which either could have helped her or killed her, recommended by her doctor. Hitler became interested in politics, which soon lead to WWII.

How Adolf Hitler was Portrayed in Prisoner of Night and Fog

I think that the author did a great job fitting Adolf Hitler into the story. Seeing as how Hitler was the main protagonist's "uncle", and had explained that he was a lunatic throughout the book, Anne Blankman did an amazing job of fitting Hitler to everything in the story.

Anne Blankman

The author of Prisoner of Night and Fog

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