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Social Media Reflection

Social media can be very helpful. It can also be very hurtful. A lot of people use social media. People use it for many different things. Sometimes social media is used for work, or promotions. Sometimes, people use it just for contacting others. Those are one of the main reasons I think social media will be around for a very long time. I believe that social media with be around for at least fifty more years. I do because of how useful it is to so many people in this world. Social media is also a very useful way to get noticed in life. If someone is an artist and posts a lot of their drawings and painting on Instagram or Facebook, someone could find them and they could have hundreds and thousands of dollars. You can also find a childhood friend that you have been trying to contact in a long time. Finding people is not even a problem when you are on social media websites. Finding incorporations or jobs is also an easy thing on social media. Companies can also have a whole access page on social media for people to see. Social media is also evolving every single day. Maybe in a few years or so it will not just be Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. There could be many more social media ideas in the making right now. The popularity in social media is also very big. Right now Facebook has almost 2 billion users on the website. Instagram has about 300 million users on the app. Twitter has almost 1 billion. Snapchat has 1.5 billion users. The social media has a huge amount of people on many different platforms. That supports why I believe that the social media will be around for the next fifty years. There will probably no longer have Twitter or Facebook, but new social media names will come up just as Facebook came after Myspace. That is why I know the social media with be on earth for a while. It is very useful, it is very helpful, and it is very popular.

Media Literacy

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Prole Nation Reflection


Edwin Keita

Ms. Hicks

12 Lit Comp

14 April 2016

Washington March

The March on Washington is one of the most memorable uprisings that ever happen in the sixties. This memorable moment happened in 1963, and featured the famous “I Have a Dream” speech by civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. On August 28, 1963 The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom was held on the Lincoln Memorial. The idea of this program was constructed and envisioned mostly by Philip Randolph. It was set up to gain full citizen rights for Black Americans and to achieve racial equality. Some Civil Rights Leaders included Whitney M. Young Jr., Rosa Parks, and the great Martin Luther King Jr. This event was held because black Americans where tired of being treated the way they were. The black people of America felt like slaves and knew that the 13th amendment abolished slavery. One thing about the civil rights movement that was so powerful was the non-violence the black Americans used in defense. One thing that made the Washington March so powerful was the “I Have a Dream” speech Martin Luther King presented. This speech was so powerful in many ways that brought a lot of people together. It convinced a lot of Americans, including white, that the way these people were living was not fair. Kings speech is very much known today as the speech that saved colored people. Today, blacks and whites go to school, work, and restaurants, anywhere together. There can still be segregation in many people’s hearts, but the Washington March got most of the job done. It is time that the people of America finish the job.

Smore Media Reflection

Smore Entries Reflection

Looking back to the first smore I did, I realized that I have many beliefs that I do not really consider changing. I do think that I have learned a lot more than I thought media was before. At first I thought media was a part of entertainment and music. Although that is true, there are so much more ways to explain media. I learned in Ms. Hick’s class that media is also portrayed as mass communication, such as politics, the internet, the news, and the radio. I also took away the truth and importance of media and what it does to our country and our world. I noticed that this class is very different from all of my past language arts classes. In my senior language arts class with Ms. Hicks we dug deeper into the art of reading and writing. Instead of just reading articles and reflecting, we learned how to understand the articles we read by annotating them. That way we could truly understand what the articles were about. We also learn the true way of writing about an article by writing a précis. We learned how to take the importance parts out of an article and add in a précis to make a very strong argument or statement. That was a big difference from what I learned in all of my other language arts classes. Although Ms. Hick had me very satisfied on how she was teaching the class throughout the semester, there were some things I believe that she could change in the future. To make her future classes as good as possible she could give the students more days to work on their smores. I know the point was to give the students the responsibility to do it on their own time, but I think an extra day in there lab would help. I also think that Ms. Hicks’ colleague, Ms. Davis, is a very good helper. That is why I would also think she would be a good teacher as well. I believe Ms. Davis should help teach a lot more. Other than those two suggestions the class is probably the best senior language arts class in the country.

Can We Auto-Correct Humanity

Can We Auto-Correct Humanity

Technology has a very big impact on our generation. It has most of humanity paying attention to social media more than we do to our own family and friends. At first the mobile phone was designed only to communicate with other people. This device is now used like a mobile computer. It can do so many things for people that they do not even have to do for themselves at all anymore. It really has disconnected us humans with the world. If this technology addiction continues, all humans around us will be stuck to these devices permanently. It could be our reality in a few years. I know that there is a way to end this addiction. I believe all that we need is each other. We need to realize that there are more important thing in life than likes and followers. If everyone realizes that we can simply put the phones down and actually communicate with people. There are many benefits to social media and it is not wrong to use it once in a while. We can control this addiction. It can be controlled by just going out with friends or reducing times you use your device. If everyone does this humanity can come together once again. Instead of being a slave to this addicting device, all we need to do is go out and life. Life your real life by seeing the world, seeing your friends, or just hanging out with your family. So yes, I believe that we can fix this sickness or addiction we have to social media. And no I do not think we can auto correct humanity, but I do think we can do it together.