Academic Partnership

West Davidson High School

What are we?

We are a PARTNERSHIP between parents and faculty in the West Davidson area. Our goals are:

  • To provide every other month meetings to parents, community members, and faculty in order to share ideas and ask questions.
  • Acknowledge our students each quarter with A and A/B honor roll ceremonies.
  • Award academic letters to students who maintain a 3.63 weighted GPA after their 3rd, 5th, and 7th semesters.
  • In future years, we hope to acknowledge students who earn 50, 100, 200, 300, and more volunteer hours.

The Benefits for Parents

We envision faculty and parents as guest speakers and panel members at our meetings in order to share and learn from each other - because together we are stronger! Monthly topics may include applying for college, registering for classes, the importance of honors and AP courses, the benefits of internships, and how to monitor social networking sites. Currently we anticipate our meetings to be held in the evenings, but would like to videotape and post our meetings or hold morning "condensed" sessions for those who want to be involved but may have other obligations.

Anticipated Schedule

SEPTEMBER - Our kickoff meeting will be held during the WDHS first open house of the year (date has not yet been set). At this meeting we will need to elect officers and decide when we want our meetings to be held as well as the topic for each meeting.

OCTOBER - First lettering ceremony for Juniors and Seniors.

NOVEMBER - A and A/B Honor Roll for first nine weeks.

FALL - One or two meetings.

SPRING - Continued ceremonies, additional lettering for Sophomores with Juniors and Seniors receiving "bars", and every other month meetings.

Get Involved!

Look for more information when you receive your child's schedule about our first meeting. As well, be sure to follow us on Facebook!