Ruby's Perspective

Jennie Park

Feeling boxed - in

After aunt Stella died, I felt abandoned. I had no idea what was happening. Ivan, Bob, and Julia are my only companions. I felt uncomfortable whenever I had to touch the box. The lady made clicking sounds with a metal object and gave me a treat. Ivan thinks she wanted me to go in the box. In my cage, I felt boxed - in, literally. I was bewildered about what was happening around me. I was anxious to get out, but I really wanted to stay with Ivan, Bob, and Julia. I'm miserable now, i'll be even more miserable without my friends. Of course I want to meet other elephants, but I want to be with my real friends. I'll try my best to be friendly to other people like Julia and George, but what if there were bad people at the zoo? I don't want to be confused anymore.