Social Media

Experiencing a new generation


Media is what runs our world today, whether on TV or a social media. Media is a way for communications to occur around the world. It helps a society be able to access, gather and analyze information. So are you media literate? I define media literacy as the ability to use, and analyze content using social sites and services. The reality of it is, is that media runs our world. I am heavily involved in news media and weather with TV station WXIA-11Alive News. Our news broadcast around North Georgia to get out important information. This information could be news, weather or special events. It is not just TV media it’s now huge in social media. Social media gives a way for friends, families and even strangers to communicate from virtually anywhere in the world. 11Alive takes advantage of social media via Facebook and Twitter to send out information. We also can entertain with social media and interact with famous people. Twitter is now the 2nd largest social media site in the United States. You can “tweet” a message 140 characters or less or a picture to your followers where they can retweet, favorite or reply. Twitter is even used by police agencies to alert of missing’s peoples reports or other vital information. We have to take advantage of social media and use it well. It’s the future of the world and we need to embrace it but be careful. The way we handle Media is up to you. The choice is always yours.

Superbowl Précis

Budweiser in the commercial for Budweiser Beer, which aired during the 2014 Superbowl, communicates to viewers that when times get tough and you’re sad, grab a Budweiser, relax, and let go. Budweiser promotes their beer by showing a dog and a horse that love each other; that they never gave up from being together and in the end, they were happy. Budweiser attempts to get viewers to have an emotional connection to the product, so that when they see a puppy, they think of Budweiser beer. The commercial uses a emotional tone which connects with men and women of legal drinking age so that when they see emotional things or are emotional themselves; they will purchase a Budweiser.

March Madness 2014

Man supplies home so he won’t have to leave during the March Madness Tournament

ATLANTA- Jim Park of Atlanta Georgia is super excited about this year’s NCAA Men’s march Madness tournament that he has gone out and bought supplies so he can live in his house without leaving during the duration of the tournament.

He has bought enough food and drinks to last three weeks and eats well for three meals a day. He also has bought bathroom supplies, and cleaning supplies. He has also purchased multiple new large screen TV’s and a surround sound system to get the full effects of the games. I asked him why the extreme measure and he replied “This is what I must do in order to win my 1 Billion dollars. I have faith in this and at the end of the tournament y’all won’t be laughing no more.

I asked what his wife thought of this and she said this, "I am supportive of my husband but this is just too much. I will be leaving the house like a normal person but if he wins the 1 Billion I will take everything back". Its amazing the dedication this man has. he has no team favorite but just loves basketball. We shall see how he does. The tournament beings Thursday March 20th.

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Play It Again

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Kinetic Typography

It was a warm spring night at a bonfire; she was sitting all alone on the tailgate. Her tan legs swinging by that Georgia plate had me going crazy. As soon as I sat down I started falling in love. I was looking for her boyfriend, thinking there’s no way she doesn’t have one. I poured her a drink in a Dixie cup while were talking over the speakers over my truck. And then all of a sudden she jumped up and cut me off. She was like oh my God, this is my song. I’ve been listing to the radio all night long sitting around for it to come on, and here it is. She said to me, come here boy, let’s have a dance. Before I could say a word she took me by the hand, spinning me around until I faded out and then she gave me a kiss. She was like play it again. The next Friday night we were sitting out under the stars. You should’ve seen her smile when I pulled out my guitar. She was oh my God this is my song…and she was like play it again, play it again please play it again.

Titanic Sinks in Four Hours

What Happened?

The mega ship known as the Titanic set sell to New York City this past Friday night stopping through England and Iceland before its main voyage. The ship occupied over 3,000 people including staff and personnel. The ship would not make it to New York.

This 5 star ship was exclusive for the wealthy and few. Marble flooring, Chrystal chandeliers, ball room dancing, as well smoking and gambling rooms, were all included in this mega ship. The bedrooms were suite style which had king size beds, a lounge, eatery and bathroom. A live band would lighten the spirits among many as well. Sadly today I have to announce that the ship did not make it to New York, and there were only 233 survivors of the 3,000 on board.

People have rumored that the ship just sank…no that is false. Here is what occurred among the Titanic. A large storm off the western shores of Iceland occurred. The Titanic’s had technical issues to where they did not know of the approaching storm. In the storm there were waves, waves of up to 60 feet. The ship was crashing up and down and the bow of the ship broke off, causing no way to steer or keep control of the boat. The ship then fell onto its side causing it to take water which than sank the ship. The rumor of an Iceberg is not true because sea temps were to warm. It was a freak accident but ironic since the ship was nicknamed the “Unsinkable”

At the end of the day like previously stated only 233 people of 3,000 survived. This is the largest amount of human loss at one time since the Civil war. Among the ship were staff, the captain, dads, moms, and children. The oldest survivor was 78 and youngest survivor was 14. The youngest to be desisting was only 11 and oldest 81. This is proven to be an absolute tragic even and our thoughts and prayers are with everybody involved in such a horrible event.

(New York Times) Staff reporter- Adam Levandoski

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Why This Event?

I chose this event because in middle school i actually did a big project on this and read a book by myself. The ship also sunk on my Birthday April 15, but in 1912. I was not born in 1912 Ha-ha however this event was huge back in the start of the century and changed mega ships and procedures forever. I changed the story like Winston had to do in the novel "1984", where he has to write fake or change news stories because he was ordered to. That is how I tied it in.

1984 Response

My thoughts...

The ending of 1984 is so unique and certainly a twist to say the least. The novel throughout kept you involved but the end was very intense. The book goes from a love story of possible hope to such a dramatic or even horror like ending. I really liked the book and if I read it in my preferred I think I would have gotten even more out of it. I was does it accurately portray the government? In today’s world I would say to an extent, yes. See back then not so much, at least in the United States but after WWII it’s a thought. Could this become a reality? I would not change anything to the novel because I feel like it was written exceptionally well. Great book that makes me think, what our government is like and how will it be in the future. All in all I thought it was a great, well written, and intriguing novel.


In The End

First of all i want to just say it was an honor having you as a teacher. See I love these topics of media, government and history. It is also crazy thinking how this is my last entry in high school basically. Time flies by to say the least but anyway looking back on the Smores and what we did with them, I enjoyed them. we got to be more creative and use new material and sources. So much better than doing it in a notebook. The material of subjects we learned were great and i think i learned a lot. The only thing I would suggest is when reading 1984, make it more interactive. Get the class involved and have more discussions. All and all i think you did a phenomenal job, I pray that you will continue to impact students everyday in a positive way. I end this reflection with this...Thank you.