Juan Orozco

What is soccer?

Soccer is a 90 min game between 2 teams with 11 vs 11 players.One important rule is that you can not get the ball with your hands.If you commit a foul you might get a yellow card two of them means a red which gets you out of the game.There is a halftime with a 15 min break.The teams that scores the most goals wins.

Soccer facts

Real Madrid is the most valuable soccer club with €3,650 million.The most paid soccer player is Cristiano Ronaldo with €288,000 weekly.You run about 7 miles per game.Brazil has more world cups that any other team.
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Champions league

A European league which 32 teams play for the cup.Real Madrid has won more cups that any other team with 10. The tournament started in 1955.
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Soccer rules

Youll need shin guards to protect you or you cannot play.You cannot get the ball with your hands only the goalie.Both uniforms have to be different.The referee is the one that counts the fouls and judges the game.offside is when the player is in front of the last defender.

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