Chief Executive

By:Zasha Bennett

My Future Plans

My name is Zasha Bennett and my future was always things my parents talked about. When I was three years old my mom asked me what I wanted to be when I got older. I replied a "fooder." Which basically meant a chef. I've been cooking ever since that day and I have been very serious about owning my own restaurant. Not only do o want to own a restaurant but I would like to own many other things. I hope to become successful one day and I will work hard to get there.

Personality Test

Blue is the color that I got on my personality test. I guess you could say that it fits me well. The job that I want goes with my personality very well. Since I got blue it basically means that at work I have to be strong and influence others so they can lead more significant lives

Career Choices

My career is so important to me. I don't want to work this hard and see what I really wanted to do go all down the drain. Other than having my own restaurant I would love to own an athletics facility for everyone with and indoor sports facility. Not only do I want to do that but I would love to make my own shoes and clothes and sell them around the world.

Expository Essay

The job that I feel comfortable with is the job I've always felt comfortable with.

My #1 Education Choice

My #1 Business administration and management. It is a major that I have to take to be successful with my career.

Reflection Paragraph on Education Choice

The reflection on my my education choice fits me well. I chose to do what I've always wanted and loved to do. No one else in my family has ever had this type of job and I'm hoping to be the first to do it. They say many people want to have this type of job but it's hard to be successful so you have to work really hard, and I am willing to do everything that I can to be successful.


My budget for College would be 55,951 for all of the expenses.


LSU was always a school that I wanted to go to it is a nice school and they have pretty colors. The school has the majors that I need to become successful so I will be good!

List of 10

1. CEO



4. Singer

5. Radio and television

6. Doctor

7. Fashion designer

8. Physician

9. Teacher

10. Court reporter