5th Grade Family News

December 7th- 11th, 2015

5th Grade Family News

Dear 5th Grade Family,

This week starts conference week. Please be sure to check it out! We would love to see you. We will have open conference night on Tuesday (conferences may be moved to Ms. Coffey's classroom due to the cafetorium being reserved for a separate event- just look for signs that evening indicating location). We also have Science Night this week! Students will show off their projects that night. A lot going on- 'tis the season! Hope you all have a great week!

This Month at a Glance

Upcoming Dates:

  • December 1st- 11th: Toys for Tots (KCC NJHS)
  • December 8th- 11th: KCC Holiday Shoppe
  • Tuesday, December 8th: 5th Grade Team Conference Afternoon (4:00- 5:45)
  • Tuesday, December 8th: Science Night (6:00- 7:00)
  • Wednesday, December 9th: FAIR 5th Grade (Reading Assessment on the computer)
  • December 12th: Collegiate Jersey Day
  • December 14th- 18th: Jeans Week ($1 per day)
  • Tuesday, December 15th: Cougar Writes
  • Thursday, December 17th: Elementary Winter Program (3rd- 5th)
  • Thursday, December 17th: Holidays Around the World
  • Thursday, December 18th: KCC Radio-Thon
  • Friday, December 18th: Half Day/ Cookies and Bookies (Ms. Anderson's class/ Last Day Before Winter Break)
  • December 21st- January 1st: Winter Break


We have decided on a STEM Fair night, for elementary it is going to be December 8, from 6-7. All the students are going to display their boards in the cafeteria. In addition, each class will pick a couple of students to be class winners and their boards will be displayed on the stage.

5th Grade Professor Corner

Miss Anderson's Language Arts Class

This week, Language Arts classes focused on Point of View, specifically 1st and 3rd person. We shared our opinions about success in our writing assignments this week, which helped us practice the BMME writing plan style. We will be enjoying a Cookies and Bookies event in Language Arts classes on December 18th, which will allow students to share reviews of the best books they’ve read! Please look for a sign up genius if you are interested in making some cookies for this event! Happy December!

Ms. Coffey's Math Class

Class News: We will be having a math test on Tuesday, December 8th!

Daily Lessons/ Homework:

12/7 Monday: Lesson 50: Decimal Number Line (Tenths) and Dividing by a Fraction/ Review 9A

12/8 Tuesday: Assessment 9B

12/9 Wednesday: Investigation 5: Displaying Data

12/10 Thursday: Lesson 51: Rounding Decimal Numbers

12/11 Friday: Lesson 52: Mentally Dividing Decimal Numbers by 10 and 100

Please be sure your child is completing at least an hour per week of iXL!

Mrs. Pennington's Science and Social Studies Class

In science, this week we will start a new unit on Earth Systems. We will start by learning about the water cycle. In social studies, we are starting to prepare for JA Biz town. We will begin learning about different career alternatives, interview skills and how to fill out a job application.

Helpful Links and Reminders

Take Home Batman the Hedgehog for the Weekend

Take Home Batman Sign Up Genius

Batman is looking to go on vacation with your child! I have some very interested children who would love to take him home.

If you do take him home, I ask that he not be left with other large pets or small children. A shelf is fine where he is out of harms way. He eats cat food and needs to have his bedding cleaned out daily. Your child would receive a Mini Batman Training Course before they take him home. He is easy to take care of. He will have so much fun in your home! Sign up today!

Helpful Edsby Login Information

Q How can I view my student's grades?

A All grades and class websites are maintained at Edsby. Visit sdhc.edsby.com

Q What is my Edsby login information?

A User name: student number, Password: DOB in the format MMDDYYYY

Q How can I update my student Edsby password?

A The student password portal is here. If you can't reset your password, email Mr. Bethune in the front office for help.

Q How can I create or update my parent Edsby account?

A All parent passwords are maintained at MySpot. Visit myspot.sdhc.k12.fl.us

Q What is the server name for the Edsby mobile app?

A sdhc.edsby.com

5th Grade Team

Ms. Coffey: Math and Team Lead hcoffey@kidscc.org

Miss Anderson: Reading and Language Arts eanderson@kidscc.org

Mrs. Pennington: Science and Social Studies jpennington@kidscc.org