Charley of death of a sales man

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description of charley

charley is a helpful and caring neighbor to willy. He has a very successful son, and he tries to help out willy with a job. he is very generous of what he has and what he does to help people. His career is a business man. his important actions is that he always gave willy money to show that he is making money to keep his wife happy.

Relationship To Willy

Charley's relationship to Willy is caring. He looks out for him and he's a close friend of his. Charley is practically family and Willy's children call him their uncle. He just so happens to also be Willy's neighbor.
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Description of the Picture

This picture represents Charley because he looks very comfortable and successful. His life is pretty easy and his work is simple.

important quotes

One of the quotes that I chose about Charley is ''I offered you a job. you can make 50 dollars a week, and I wont send you on the road'' (Miller 74). I chose this because it makes/show a part of his personality that's he's a caring and helpful person.

My 2nd quote I chose about charley was ''Willy, the jails are full of fearless Characters''(Miller 35). this line shows a part of his personality how he's a trendsetter/teacher because he's trying to teach willy things and let him know right from wrong before he do anything dumb.