By: Alejandro Paz

Statistic Data

Capital: Canberra

Language: English

Landforms: Broken Hill, Mount Isa, The Great Dividing Range, Victoria Alps, Mount Hotham, Wallaman Falls

Important cities

1. Sydney

2. Melbourne

3. Brisbane

4. Canberra

5. Perth

6. Adelaide


1. Hamburger with beetroot

2. Green chicken curry pie

3. Chicken and corn soup

4. Fantales

5. Crab sticks

6. Barramundi

7. Grilled kangaroo


Australians are generally laid-back, open and direct. They say what they mean and are generally more individual and outgoing than many other cultures.

You may think that most Australians live in the 'outback' out in the country. In fact, more than three quarters of Australians live in cities and in urban centres, mainly along the coast.

Some key values that reflect the Australian way of life include:

  • Freedom of speech
  • Freedom of religion
  • Democracy
  • Equality regardless of sex, marital status, religion, nationality, disability or sexual preference
  • Peacefulness
  • A 'fair go' (equal opportunity) for all and support for the underdog.

Holidays and festivals

1. New Year's Day

2.Australia Day

3. Good Friday

4. Easter Monday

5. Anzac Day

6. Christmas Day

7. Boxing Day

8. Queen's Birthday

9. Labour Day

Native groups








Things to do

1. Visit the Blue Mountains

2. Drive the Great Ocean Road

3. Visit the Sydney Opera House

4. Observe the majesty of the coral reefs

5. Have dinner with a view