Monochromatic Landscape

Gateway Arch, St. Louis MO


The element of art used in my work is value I organized these to achieve the principles of design unity . Unity is when you create a harmonious feeling throughout a work of art repeating an element. Unity makes everything look better in the painting/picture!

History and Culture

The Arch was built in St. Louis Missouri. The Gateway Arches construction started on February 12, 1963 and opened on October 28, 1965. It is located on the banks of the Missouri river and stands 630 feet tall over the cities sky line! The Gateway Arch was built as a monument for Thomas Jefferson who helped St Louis and helped expand the United States.The Arch is a high tourist sight for St.Louis.

Arts and Design

Arts and Design

The architect for the Gateway Arch was Euro Saarinen. He also won an award and prize for designing and building the arch. The arch was designed with steel and concrete. It is made up of 142 stainless steel sections.The foundations are about 60 feet deep so that the arch can not move and is very sturdy.

Personal Thoughts

I chose this building because I have never been to St. Louis and wanted to research somewhere other then North Carolina. I have also not heard much about the Arch and always thought it was interesting. I also picked the arch because some of our family friends are die-heart rams fans. Not to mention St. Louis is getting a lot of attention for the Rams moving to L.A.

This monument is also a interesting awkward shape. You would never imagine that gravity would allow a structure like this to be sturdy and stay in place when the wind blows. I truly think this is a beautiful monument and hope to visit sometime soon.

Kailey Newell