Galway Jr./Sr. High Library

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Computers, computers, computers . . .

The library computer lab has been a hot bed of test taking!!! Don't forget about all the really great databases we subscribe to that could help out in many of your current topics! If you are unsure what we have that could help you, ask me!

Common Core . . .

Self-assessment . . .

Here are some questions I received at a conference this month that will help guide your next assignment to some higher level thinking.
1. Is my assignment answerable on Google?
  • a. Can I rephrase the question with an Essential Question, which is not answerable
on Google?
2. Have I embedded an opportunity for students to "synthesize" facts found and make meaning? (Create, invent, compose, predict, plan, construct, design, modify, elaborate, change, adopt, support, produce, . . . what if, should, etc.)
3. Have I allowed students to find resources for themselves (teaching them to assess credibility, accuracy, bias, timeliness, reliability of the resource?)
4. What are your students going to have to do with all those facts?