Franklen D. Roosevelt

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He was a helpful person when he was young.Franklin had a time walking in 1921 cause of polio.

Early Life

Franklin was the president of the United States.Franklin gave hope and courage during hard times.He was born in Hyde Park he helped a lot of people.Franklin was a awesome leader.In a early age he thought he could do public service.He grew up in New York.His family was very wealthy.He was the manager of his school baseball team.


Franklin was a helpful person when he was young.Franklin had a hard time walking in 1921 because of polio.The dezes effected him to walk.Franklin exercised and hoped he will be better.This is a pic of him in polio.

The Deprission

After collage Franklin went to law school.In 1932 over 12 million people did NOT have jobs in the United States.Franklin was a diligent man.The new deal programs helped a lot of people in the United States.

World War II

As president during World War II,Roosevelt led the fight for freedom and liberty around the world.He cooperated with other world leaders,And brought in the best in people that worked best togeter when going tough.

The New Deal

During the deprrison projects paid for by the natonial governent created jobs in every state.Putting to work millions of men and women who lost there jobs. the New Deal helped a lot of people in the United States.Franklin created the new deal.Franklin died befor World War II.And that was the end of Franklin D.Roosevelt.


I got my info from a Franklin D. Roosevelt book!