zoe nelson

A. Benjamin Botten

symptoms : fever, joint pain, build up of polysaccharides and lipids, unable to digest/break down molecules, lack of acidosis, bone decay, acid build up, and .8 micron organelle missing.

the organelle missing is endoplasmic reticulum. the smooth ER is responsible for modifying and breaking down the acids, without the smooth ER there would be an acid build up. if there's an acid build up, it would cause bone decay. If a cell didn't have ER then the cell couldn't break down the lipids, polysaccharides, or acids.

B. Olivia Kalie

symptoms : muscle weakness, lack of energy, glucose (sugar) levels high, and accumulation of glycogen.

The mitochondria is responsible for breaking down sugar molecules an order to create and release energy for the cell. Also responsible for aerobic cellular respiration. Without the mitochondria, glucose would not be broken down and made into energy which would result in muscle weakness and lack of energy. There would also be build up of glycogen because it wouldn't be broken down.

C. Frank Rentz

symptoms : severe indigestion and waste build.

athe lysosomes is responsible for the digestion of food, and breaking down of larger molecules into smaller ones. without the lysosomes you cannot digest food or use it's energy, and waste will build up due to the inability of the intestinal cells to secrete it. this leads to severe indigestion.

D. Mary Streaver

symptoms : severe fever and pain, Hugh amount of oxidative enzymes (acids), high levels of fatty acids, and acid build up.

the mitochondria is the organelle missing. It's responsible for the oxidative enzymes ethic break down acids, especially fatty acids. Because the acids were not broken down, they couldn't be processed so the accumulated in different places causing pain and occasional numbness in joints. of the mitochondria is not present, acids will build up causing severe symptoms


The organelle that should be targeted in the vaccine is the mitochondria. It's responsible for breaking down sugar molecules and acids (especially fatty acid). If the mitochondria is not working or is missing, then the glucose and acids would build up causing pain, muscle weakness, and lack of energy, If the mitochondria does not break down acids and sugars then energy would not be made so the cell/body would experience a severe lack of energy. That's why the mitochondria should be targeted.