Discrimination and Women Rights

By Jordan Bergeron, H Period, CP English 9

In Reality most discrimination is focused towards races other than Caucasian, Women and Disabled people, also people with a different sexuality's .

Discrimination has shaped america in many ways like the growing hatred towards one another. There have been people killed because the were of a different sexuality. Many African Americans killed because racism. Women beaten because of discrimination towards them. Disabled people put out of jobs.

Currently in America a major thing that is being discriminated is peoples sexuality's

Many gay's, bisexual's, and lesbian's are being discriminated for choosing to marry/love a person of the same sex. over the years this topic has gotten less out of hand because the states are now allowing gay, and lesbian marriage.

In the World discrimination is seen so much people are discriminated for having different religious beliefs

Right now the world is having conflicts with Isis terrorizing many people because they think what they believe in is like in Paris there was a terrorist attack lead by the Isis group. Express.co.uk states Isis claims Paris attacks as revenge for the airstrikes and insulting Islam's prophet. Isis wants people who are not their religion to fear them and suffer from their attacks.

in the past there has been religious wars

The Catholics and Protestant once went to war. they fought for which religion was correct. They believed that ones church was corrupt while the other thought they were going against the church.

Many people in school are prejudice in schools.

In school some people might see someone that may or may not be a druggie just by their looks like if you were to wear a dark hooded jacket all the time people may get a bit suspicious and start rumors. maybe you are out of school sick a lot people may start to criticize you and say you are being a wimp and that you cant handle the common cold or spread rumors that you have been skipping school. People attending school were all raised up with different beliefs so that could be a part of the prejudice. Some people judge people who they may not know because they could think that someone who is different from them is weird or strange.

Women are discriminated so they fought for women right's.

Many are mistreated and a lot of times is stereotyped as a servant. Many acts were put in place over time to prevent discrimination towards women to get any more out of hand.

The Violence Against Women Act

In the year 1994 The Violence Against Women Act tightens the federal penalties towards sex offenders. It funded services for women who were raped or were involved with domestic violence The act also provided special training of police officers.

Women in Virginia could now got to military schools.

In the United States of America the Supreme Court ruled that all-male Virginian military schools where to allow women in to the school to receive any public funding in 1996.

Who are some people fighting to further the rights of women.

One person is Hillary Clinton who also is running for president she is fighting for Women rights. she is working to close the pay gap and she is promoting women rights around the globe . Another one is the first lady Michelle Obama.Michele Obama on a Wednesday delivered a speech on education for girls.

Women currently in America.

Now after women got their rights they have forged a new way. Women most of the time now are not mistreated but there are still a ton of cases where they are. Women have made it so they can get good jobs but some jobs pay women less then men. Women still fight for better pay but all in all they are doing better now than they were without rights.

Make Lemonade a novel

In the novel Jolly a 17 year old mother of 2 is harassed by people. Jolly one day she came home with a cut up bloody face. she told LaVaughn her 2 kids babysitter it was that she was just shoved later in the book we find out that she was hurt by and old friend of her she left. This ties things up to women and discrimination. I feel like this book takes place in the era where women had to fight for their rights.

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