Welcome to UCOL's School of Hospitality

Love it, learn it, live it!

We see that you have enrolled in a UCOL hospitality programme next semester.

Certificate in Hospitality (Level 3)

We will be in touch closer to the programme start date inviting you to come along to a welcome evening in which you will find out a bit more about the programme, see the classroom/restaurant, and meet the UCOL team that will be teaching you. We highly recommend that you come along, you'll find you are much better prepared on day one.

We look forward to meeting you in the New Year, as you start this journey in one of the most exciting and rewarding careers.

Julie Poole

Head of school

If for some reason you no longer wish to be enrolled at UCOL please let us know.

The service industry is global - become part of it.


  • I did a UCOL course last year, do I have to come to the welcome? Yes, still do, it will be beneficial.
  • What time, and where do we start on the Monday the 16th? 9am in the Restaurant.
  • How many marshmallows do I have to hold in my mouth to win the chubby bunny comp? 21

There will be more questions, feel free to ask on the welcome night or by email.