Mrs. Maloney's Kindergarten News

September 4th

Sight Words

This week the students are continuing to work on their sight word skills! We practice them each week by adding them to our dictionaries, seeing how many times we can write each of them in a minute, putting them into sentences, reading sight word readers to the class and spelling them with wiki sticks and in other fun ways!

Skills Learned This Week

Language Arts

This week learned what predictions are and practiced making predictions by reading fun books such as Zoomer and Miss Smith's Incredible Storybook. We made predictions before, during, and after reading. The students also learned that using detailed pictures in their drawings can help tell a story and provide clues for predicting.

Daily 5

This week the students learned how pick a "good fit book". They learned that the books they choose from our library must not be too hard or too easy, must be interesting, and must help us become better readers. They also got to pick new books for their boxes. We continued to build our stamina for Read to Self and we reached 7 and a half minutes!


This week the students learned about their five senses. They learned that without them we would not be able to enjoy the world as we do. They even got to explore popcorn using their senses and use words to describe each one.

Social Studies

This week we talked about jobs we do at home and at school. We compared them and talked about how our jobs help us be more helpful and responsible.

Kuiper's Farm Field Trip

On Thursday, October 8th the students will take their first trip to Kuiper's Family Farm in Maple Park! On this field trip the students will get to tour the apple orchard, learn about the different types of apples and how apple cider is made. They will also get to visit the pumpkin farm where they can play in the corn maze, on the hay bails, in the box-o-kernels, and see many farm animals. It is such a great trip and we can't wait to experience it!

Permission slips will be sent home next week. Cost of the trip is $17 per student and the permission slip will be due back to me by September 28th.

Upcoming Events

No School

Monday, September 7th

First Day of Specials

Wednesday, September 9th

Picture Day

Tuesday, September 15th