This Affects The Nervous System

Definition of depression

Depression may be describes as feeling blue, sad, unhappy, miserable, and down in the dumps.

The body being affected

The body is affected by when you have depression, and you have it so bad that you want to do harm to yourself that it sends signals to your brain letting you know that you may be in pain.

How the nervous system works

The nervous system has a lot of tiny cells through out the entire body and each cell has it's own job like the sensory cell it's in charge of the nose, ears, mouth, eyes, tongue, and skin. It will send signals to the brain letting you know that you might have a cut or a wound.

Depression, and it being environmental issue

Depression can not only affect you but it can affect the people around you. It may be that you are having a hard time with school and the work may be too much and your brain can't function. It may be with your family issues at home, or at school you may be getting into fights with your friends. You may have a loved one who is ill and in the hospital so all you can think about it is them. You or your parents may be in a tough relationship.
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The pictures above shows the brain between being depressed and being happier. The one on the left shows a lot of blue representing depression and the little bit of yellow showing the happiness. The one on the right shows a lot of yellow representing happiness and it has less blue meaning less depression. It has more happy thoughts, unlike the one on the left as the one with more depression means it could have more suicidal thoughts.

Depression Diagnosis

A doctor can give out some suggestions for some tests to take to find out if you have depression. They may suggest lab tests, a physical exam or an interview. They may get a mental health professional to find out your family's history to see if anyone else in your family has had it before.

Signs and symptoms

You may be feeling sad, anxious, empty, hopeless, restless, worthless, guilty, irritable. You may have thoughts of suicide. You are having a loss in interests, hobbies, and activities. You may be having a hard time concentrating in school, remembering details, and making good decisions.
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Some treatments for depression are Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAO's) this type of medication can help you with feeling anxious, panicking, and other specific symptoms. Tricyclics is another medication but it isn't really used much today. There is also Physical therapy or "talk therapy" this may help by just talk about what's bothering you or what's on your mind. You can also read a book, listen to music, or just go for a walk these may help you calm down.


If recognized and treated he or she may be expected to live a happy normal life.
The Science of Depression


There are many famous people who have suffered with depression and have suffered with suicidal thoughts. For example Robin Williams had depression and he struggled with it really bad. It really surprised me that someone so famous like him could just want to end it all. If you ever need help with anything it's best to contact a therapist for some help, and hopefully you will get better. Suicide and self-harm are never the answer it's a permanent solution for a temporary problem.
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