Fabulous First Grade Flyer

Week of January 18th - January 22nd, Issue 18

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Fantastic First Graders

Grayson Whetstone, Luke Raney, Colton Wilson, Braddox Runge, Krista Daily and Ayvian Reyes

A La Carte Price Changes

Please see the link below for the new price list on a la carte items. The new price for ice cream each Friday will be $1.25 per bar.

A la Carte Items

Valentine's Day

February 12th, we will exchange Valentine greetings by doing the following:

* Students may make a Valentine bag, box, etc. at home and bring to school on Friday, February 12. Classroom instructional time is not used to make Valentine bags or boxes.

* Fun stickers, pencils and candy (suckers, ring pops, fun-dip, etc.) items may be attached to Valentine cards to be distributed by students to other students.

* Classroom exchanges will take place from 2:00-2:45 and you are invited.

21 Day Challenge

Prosper ISD is participating in a 21-day challenge to promote Healthy eating habits!!

Here is how to register!

The 21-Day Challenge begins January 25th, but you can register NOW! The challenge encourages elementary students to eat healthy snacks for 21 days and to create healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. This challenge is being sponsored by Medical City Children's Hospital. Our PHS Culinary Students have several recipes featured in the healthy snack book.

Here are the steps to have your child participate:

Step 1: Register your elementary child (NOW!) for the challenge at www.kids-teaching-kids.com

Step 2: Each day beginning January 25, create a healthy snack from either your book (will receive at school) or the healthy snack finder at www.kids-teaching-kids.com

Step 3: Track snacks using the log table you download when you register.

Click HERE for the flyer!

Middle of the Year Assessments

We will be completing mid-year literacy assessments this week. These are done individually and take a bit of time, therefore guided reading will be sent home sporadically over the next couple of weeks. Please make sure your child is still reading each day though, and please make sure you sign the green reading log (and Six Flags form if you’re participating) each night! We will resume with Guided Reading the week of January 25th.

Karate Belt Math GREEN BELT

We have been working on the “Doubles and Near Doubles” strategy. I am attaching the Green Belt flash cards we are using in class. The best way to approach them is to have your child sort the cards into two piles: doubles and near doubles. Focus first on learning all the doubles then gradually mix in the near doubles. You can even encourage them to explain out loud to you “since I know 5+5=10 then I know 5+6 must be one more so it’s 11”

I hope you enjoy helping your student prepare for this at home. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Please use the attached documents to work on these concepts at home.



WatchDOGS Sign-Up

If you couldn’t make the meeting or would like to sign up for more days, there are two ways you can do this now. You can click on this link: http://vols.pt/ueBdny and sign up online, or you can call/email Mrs. Logeman dmlogeman@prosper-isd.net or 469-219-2110. Thank you for your continued support with the Watch D.O.G.S Program! We LOVE having you at Folsom Elementary!!

Do you want to help with Watch DOGS Dads at Folsom, but only have 30 minutes to spare? Sign up for our morning car duty! 7:15-7:45 am and then head to work. Sign up as many times as you want on any day, just click on the following link:


Please also make sure you have your background check complete. You can fill that out at the following link:


Thursday Folders

Click HERE to acess Thursday Folder information.

Volunteers Needed

First grade is in need of a few volunteers that are available on Wednesdays to help copy and prepare different materials. Please use the following link to sign-up if you are interested in volunteering.


Thank you for your help!

Mark Your Calendars

January 18th- NO SCHOOL-Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 22nd- Friday Folsom Live

February 2nd- Fine Arts Night

February 12th- Valentines Day Exchange

February 15th- NO SCHOOL- Presidents Day

Folsom Website

School wide information

Curriculum News

Math: Graphing
Writers Workshop: Drafting, revising, editing, sharing and publishing
Readers Workshop: Author Study- Jan Brett
Word Work: -ir

Grammar: Adjectives

Word Wall Words: after, how, some, who, girl

Science: Winter (seasons)

Social Studies: Historical Figures-Rosa Parks