Journey to the Center of the Earth

The most adventurous book ever!

See incredible wildlife

The center of the earth is not actually hot. It is full of life that no human has ever seen before. It contains many adventures and many more scientific discoveries. Did you believe that dinosaurs are extinct? You are wrong because dinosaurs still exist under your feet.

On May 25th, 1864 you get a chance to see these incredible organisms alive!

Have you ever seen the bones of a dinosaur and wondered how it would look in real life? Well this is your one and only chance at achieving this goal. This once in a life time chance allows you to go deep down into the earth's center to observe wildlife that has never been seen before by any man alive. See mushrooms that are up to 40 feet tall and watch two astonishing dinosaurs fight for their lives as they hunt for their food. Do not miss this chance to see the earth's incredible center. The passage way to the earth's center only opens every once in awhile so do not miss this chance.

Some of the People who discovered the earth's center

Go on this Journey and you are guaranteed to be amazed by the most astonishing sights.

Some people may ask, "How will we get out of the earth once we get in?"

Well, the Lidenbrocks are currently working on a device that will help people get in and out of the earth's center easily without getting lost. This device will help them keep track of where they are and it will shield people from any danger.

If you have any questions or any concerns, please contact us!

"I will never forget this journey...It has opened my eyes to a new world that I never new existed" - anonymous #1

"This is the best adventure I ever had. This is truly a once in a life time opportunity. Everyone should go and explore this magnificent world that has been underneath us all along" - anonymous #2