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Bibles for Bethania

Republic Day at Bethania and more

Back in India for one month, before travelling again in Asia as part of my sabbatical, one goal was to get down to Bethania with enough time to really interact with the kids and staff there. The plan was to go down on Friday, with a group of Grade 12's from KIS, for an overnight and social experience work, then to stay on. The seniors cancelled out due to work loads, so I did a hike on Saturday with KIS students, then continued down to Bethania on my own, arriving Saturday afternoon.

Sunday was also Republic Day, with a special ceremony followed by worship in the Bethania Chapel. I knew they were short of hymn books, having seen only 2 tattered ones in evidence, so had planned to buy some. I decided to ask how many had Bibles as well, expecting maybe a dozen would need them. 20 stood up.

Monday while they were in school, Joseph and I went to buy Bibles in Dindigal. We bought 25 (plus 20 Bibles, 5 comic book or children's bible story versions, 4 devotional guides and 10 hymnbooks). When we passed them out at evening devotions, 5 more said they needed a bible (one had only a new testament), so Joseph went back the next day and bought more. I'm so glad they wanted the Bibles!

Bethania Home for Children, Kannivadi

Bethania, Kannivadi has its own facebook page, take a visit, for more pictures and information.