Segers Herald

October 3, 2015

Huffing and Puffing All Day Long

The stories of The Three Little Pigs are catching the attention of the whole class. We've read several versions besides the original and have had lots of fun comparing the characters and settings. The first variation was The True Story of the Three Little Pigs as told by the wolf. I was amazed when we voted for which story was true that the students overwhelmingly believed the wolf's story. See if they can tell you what excuse the wolf used for visiting each pig's house. Next we read Three Little Wolves and a Big Bad Pig. We were able to talk about lots of different construction materials (concrete, metal, barbed wire) and make some interesting predictions when the final house they built was made of flowers. We moved on to some versions from different points on the globe. The next version was a southwest United States version called The Three Little Javelinas. The words "javelina" and "saguaros" were added to our vocabulary. And did they ever have fun imitating the coyote in the story! Our final version was The Three Little Dassies which is a story from Africa written by Jan Brett. It had the most unique variations of characters, setting and evil character. I'm looking forward to seeing which story they select as their favorite from these diverse choices. We couldn't do a study of the Three Little Pigs without some non-fiction reading about pigs (both on the farm and in the wild). We found out animals can be domestic or wild (see if your child remembers what we determined made them fit into each category). They realized pretty quickly that there are lots of pig facts they didn't know. Ask them to tell you three new things they learned about pigs. We are continuing with our question for this semester - "What can we do to have a healthy body?" -- by discussing how pigs provide an important part of our healthy diet. We learned a poem to go along with this fairy tale -- "To Market, To Market" -- which had a sight word and one of our older vocabulary words in it. Also, in the original version of The Three Little Pigs the pig rolls down a hill in a butter churn to escape the wolf. This was a perfect transition into an investigation of ramps (hills) and motion. We'll be performing those investigations in our explorations over the next 5 - 7 days. We had a visit from a community helper this week - a construction worker currently employed at the Magnolia Elementary school site. The students learned not only about his job but also about safety and how they test the concrete used in the building. His visit was quite a hit!

A Note from the Nurse

Flu mist clinic forms will be sent home Monday, 10/5/15, and should be returned by 10/16/15. The flu mist clinic will be on October 23rd . This clinic will be for students that ARE NOT covered by PEEHIP insurance. If your child can not be around the flu mist due to a medical reason , please contact Nurse Dawna at 228-3214. If you have PEEHIP insurance, please email your child’s teacher so Nurse Dawna can send you the correct form for the PEEHIP flu clinic. The clinic for students covered by PEEHIP will be on November 4th.

Explorations and Important Dates

CCRS: RLK.2; RLK.4; RLK.9;WK.7; RFK.3; RFK.1; RFK.2; LK.1; CC.3; G.3; MD.1; SLK.1; WK.3

Approved: B. Schmitt