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Friday, October 6th, 2017


Mrs. Close's Class ~ The students took their first module test yesterday. Those will be returned on Tuesday. I will have the kids bring them home Tuesday for you to sign and return. We will be beginning Module 2 next week too! It's a short unit that uses length, mass and capacity in the metric system to convert between units using place value knowledge. Students recognize patterns of converting units on the place value chart, just as 1000 grams is equal 1 kilogram, 1000 ones is equal to 1 thousand. Conversions are recorded in two-column tables and number lines, and are applied in single- and multi-step word problems solved by the addition and subtraction algorithm or a special strategy.

Ms. Gleason's Class ~ This week the children have been solving multi-step word problems. We also discussed the idea of reasonableness of answers. Next Friday will be the end of module assessment. The children will be completing a review packet that will help them prepare for the test. Please be on the look out for that to come home Thursday night. The children will need to share the packet with you and explain what they will need to do for the test. Next up.... a short module on metric measurement!


I didn't send home the mid-unit assessment yet as I have a few kids who will finish on Tuesday. The kids and I will review the assessment together on Wednesday and then they'll go home for you to review, sign, and then return to me. The students are working hard to respond appropriately to short answer questions. In most cases, the kids need to have a claim (answer the question with an inference) and two text details to support their inference. Here is an example of a short answer question and response based on our read aloud, Ruby Holler.

How does Florida feel about Mr. & Mrs. Trepid?

Florida doesn't like Mr. & Mrs. Trepid at all. (that's the claim) In the story she argues with them and is always in trouble for breaking the rules. Also, she wants Dallas to leave the orphanage with her and take the night train. (details from the text)

Look for the test on Wednesday!

Parent Conferences

Please click on the link to sign up to meet with me.

Friday the 13th Opportunity ~ Scary Tales in the Bark Longhouse

From Ganondagan.org:

Friday the 13th is no match for Ganondagan’s storytellers, who will weave not-too-scary stories for families with kids eight and older. The event is free and open to the public, donations accepted, cider and doughnuts will be available for purchase. Location is Seneca Bark Longhouse. The event is from 6-7:30 pm.

Meet at the Seneca Art & Culture Center.

Next Week's Highlights

  • We'll review for the plant unit test using Kahoot!
  • PAWS will be introduced! If you're not familiar, PAWS is a weekly writing assignment.
  • Longhouse Project - don't worry, it's an in-class project, however, kids will be asked to donate materials like sticks, bark, and clay. More details coming next week.
  • Picture book Friday!

October Book Orders

Order packets are coming home today. All orders due next Friday!

Dates to Remember

Monday, October 9th ~ Columbus Day - No School

Thursday, October 12th ~ Open House 6-7:30 pm

Friday, October 13th ~ Scary Tales in the Bark Longhouse