North Technology Class News

Read on to find out what's going on in tech class at North!

3rd Grade Tech Update

Third grade students have been focusing heavily on keyboarding skills so far this year. They have learned all of the home row keys, as well as e, i, r, & u. We work on keyboarding posture, "cat claws, not dog paws," and returning fingers to the home row keys. The 2 sites we use on a consistent basis in third grade are DanceMat Typing and SenseLang. Students can access these sites at home to continue to build their skills.

Third grade students have also learned how to create a document in Microsoft Word, save a file to the network, create a folder in their documents, and open a document they have already created.

We will soon be starting a unit on Digital Citizenship through that includes lessons on the rings of online responsibility, private and personal information, the power of words, keywords for online searches, and plagiarism.

4th and 5th Grade Tech Update

This year, fourth and fifth grade students are currently learning many of the same skills. Like 3rd grade, we have been busy working on keyboarding. Students in these grades use DanceMat Typing, SenseLang, and Typing Web. All of these are online sites that can be accessed outside of school for continued practice. In Typing Web, students have their own login information that allows the program to track their progress.

Fourth and Fifth grade students have also spent time becoming familiar with their school gmail account. We began by reviewing our district Acceptable Use Policy, and students participated in a lesson on email etiquette. They then practiced sending to a "mystery classmate" and learned how to reply to the message. After practicing a casual email, we learned how to email teachers, and reinforced proper formatting.

Our unit on Digital Citizenship will cover a few different topics at the two grade levels. Fourth grade will learn about strong passwords, making a pledge, spam, how to site a website, and digitally altering of photos. Fifth grade will learn about talking safely online, being a super digital citizen, privacy rules, cyberbullying, and media stereotypes.