The Wampanoag

by Julia

The Wampanoag by Cunningham

The first Thanksgiving was with the pilgrims and Wampanoag. They hunted for food a little bit. They got to stop working for the harvest. They ate food. They did not fight. They even had dancing and singing at the first Thanksgiving like a party. Today we have thanksgiving but its a little bit different.

Some Wampanoag became slaves. A lot of Wampanoag got sick and then died. Squanto is a member of the Pniese (the warriors). They are nice, kind, and strong. Squanto taught the Pilgrims how to grow maize, corn, beans, and squash. The Spy in the spy there was crime blood and murder. Sisters schedule what the sisters did. they planted maize beans squash and they wrapped around the bean plants. A boys job pulling weeds going to camp. They learned how to live in the forest. The girls learned how to be in charge of the Wetu.

The newest group to arrive in Plymouth did not want to get along with the Wampanoag. All they wanted was their land. a war began between the pilgrims and the native Americans. The two-year war was called King Philip's war.

Sachems are chiefs they are also leaders a Sachem is paid if it's being good. Wamsutto and Weetamo Weetamo are 27 Wamsutta died after morning. Mary Rowlandson was an English settler Wampanoag captured Mary and children. End of war!! Weetamoo didn't have any patients she left Quinnapin and one of a lot of husbands. People died from the disease.

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