Junior High Academic Newsletter - Issue 3

6th Grade News

ELA: Over the next few weeks, we will be learning how to find the main idea, identify text structure, and interpret expository texts. We will complete this unit by creating a magazine using several different types of text structures.

MATH: We will begin unit four over prime factorization and solving problems using order of operations. This was a skill introduced in 5th grade but as 6th graders, we will start including exponents. Then we will begin learning about algebraic expressions which will get us ready to solve equations with one variable.

SCIENCE: We are currently starting our unit on Metals, Nonmetals, & Metalloids. Our next unit will cover Density.

SOCIAL STUDIES: For the next three weeks, we will be discovering the wonders of Central America and South America, as well as the Caribbean Islands. During this unit, the students will also work on their first project.

7th Grade News

ELA: 7th grade ELAR will be continuing our study over poetry and then move into expository pieces. The students have been working hard! We are continuing to read the novel "Wonder." In writing, we will really start breaking down an expository essay: learning the parts and how to brainstorm the information for the body of the essay.

MATH: Honors is working on finding slope and rate of change from equations, word problems, points and graphs. We are also graphing lines and functions. We are writing equations of lines. We are also analyzing if given tables, points, graphs and mappings are functions or not functions.

7th grade math is starting a similar figures unit. We will be able to know if two shapes are similar and find missing sides of similar shapes utilzing proportions.

SCIENCE: We are currently covering our unit over Energy Flow Through Living Systems. Our next unit will be over Organic Compounds

SOCIAL STUDIES: In Texas History, we are studying Early Explorers of Texas and Spanish Colonial Texas. Our “discovering new lands” project will kick off the week of October 30th. Our unit exam will be given the week of November 6th. As we progress through our units we will continue to work in our interactive notebooks.

8th Grade News

ELA: For the next three weeks, we will be working on Expository text with a focus on main (central) ideas, inferencing, factual claims, opinion, commonplace assertions, textual organization, and author's intent. In Writing, we will be working on grammar with a specific focus on comma usage, conjunctions, and joining sentences appropriately. We will work on expanding vocabulary through Latin and Greek root words as well as affixes.

MATH: Students will be working on graphing slope intercept form. We will be identifying all the parts of the graph and equation. We will then move into a mini unit over simultaneous equations and scatterplots. We will also be calculating simple and compound interest and then graphing to see the difference in how they grow over time. Please make sure you are signed up for remind, I send out bonus questions the night before a test, daily homework reminders and school events. The code is @8thkindle, text it to 81010 or enter in the app.

SCIENCE: Students will continue to work on identifying compounds and elements. We will understand the meaning of coefficients and subscripts and the impact these have on compounds and elements. While working on chemical equations, we will analyze the evidence of chemical reactions and understand the law of conservation of mass. In our next unit, we will be studying force and motion. In this unit, we will analyze the difference between unbalanced versus balanced forces as well as changes in speed and direction.

SOCIAL STUDIES: In social studies, we will continue to identify the major events leading to the creation and ratification of the constitution. We will then move into our next topic in which we will analyze the purpose and process of amending the constitution and summarize the rights of guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.

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