B-R Preschool


A Peek Into Our Day!

We have spent the week counting, reviewing the days of the week, the color - purple and shape - oval.
We have also been discussing fire safety. We painted their feet red to make fire engines. They made their own tissue paper flames. Then they added baking soda and vinegar to see how a fire extinguisher put out flames. I explained that fire extinguishers do the same thing. They spray out foam to extinguish fires. We used the Nursery Rhyme, Jack be Nimble to talk about fire safety. We also practiced crawling under smoke (black paper).
Friday afternoon our local volunteer firefighters, stopped by to show us that firemen/women are just people. They showed us the special clothing firefighters wear to protect themselves from fire.

Next Week:

We are learning the color - blue and the shape - rectangle.
This Tuesday please have your child wear something blue and/or bring something blue from home.

Next Week we are starting our pumpkin Unit. YEAH!!!!!
A HUGE THANK YOU to Jovi and her family for donating the pumpkins.

Brrrrr!!!!! Its getting cold outside.

Just a reminder that the weather is getting colder and you might want to pack a pair of gloves and hat in your child's backpack. If you like, you can leave a set at school.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Conferences are this Thursday. For those who have a "first-timer" conferences are 10 minutes long, and unfortunately we have to run a pretty tight ship that night, to get everybody in. I also have to be respectful of other teachers who have a conference with the same parents. :D

If Thursday does not work and you need to reschedule, please email me or give the school a call. Thank You!

Save the Date:

Field trip to Harvest Moon is scheduled for Friday, October 28
Rain Date: Monday, Oct. 31

Photo: Singing the Days of the Week song!

Olive Oval

(Tune: Miss Lucy)
My name is Olive Oval.

I’m not quite round, you see.

Not like my sister circle,

She’s much more round then me.

I have no real beginning

and I really have no end.

I am not short,

I am not round,

I’m really tall and thin.

I might be in your mirror

Or on your bedroom floor.

I might be on your table

Or even on your door.

My name is Olive Oval

and I’m jolly as can be.

I’m the shape your mouth makes

when you say my name with me!