By: Kaela Pierce

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Caligula was born August 31 12 AD. His family died when he was very young, forcing him to live with his uncle. Caligula's real name is Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus. He got his nickname from the outfit he had to wear while working with his dad. Caligula means little boots, which he wore while working with his dad.


Caligula was a good emperor starting out. He got very ill which caused him to go completely insane, even after he had healed. He had suffered from an epilepsy which caused him to lose his mind, he began thinking that he was divine. He also suffered from a chronic inability to sleep. he would get a few hours and then wonder the palace until daylight. He had four wives while he was an emperor.

After Sickness

After Caligula recovered from his sickness, he was not the same. He began to believe himself divine and began trying to start wars with gods such as Poseidon. he declared war on Poseidon and had his men wade out into the water and stab it randomly. After he "won" this war, he had his men go to the shore to collect seashells to remember the battle.

Caligula loved his horse very much. He built a house for it to live in and was going to make it consul but he died before he could do this. Caligula also had a temporary bridge built so he could ride across it with his horse for two days, he then had it taken down.

He began to have people build alters for him and statues of him. After he died, they took down all statues and tried forget that this man had become emperor. there was a movie made about Caligula's life but it was so bad, it was banned in Canada.