How Jefferson changed

The government

What Thomas Jefferson did to change to the government

1. Make the government more democratic, providing people with equal rights

2. Encourage all citizens to work together

3. He believed in States rights and rule by majority, limit the authority of the federal government. Laissez-faire. People do as they choose, they believed the federal, and the role was to keep the people. Injuring each other and free to regulate their own pursuits, industry improvements.

4. He wanted to cut budgets and lower taxes, pay off normal debt, encourage agriculture and trade, simplify government, avoid high cost, cut military spending, cut army and navy, cut staff, reduce government spending, opposed a national bank, but kept intake

5. Ending all internal taxes only tariffs on imports and revenue from sale of western lands paid for roads education arts and other public stuff.

6. Did not renew the hated alien and sedition act he passed a new naturalization act. 5 years residency reinsured for citizens

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Kaitlyn Hemann & Sarah Phelps