hiv is a virus that gradually attacks the immune system. the virus destroys a blood cell called the t helper cell is then makes copies of itself inside him
hiv 1 is the most common type found worldwide. hiv 2 is found in west Africa. If left untreated, it can take around 10 to 15 years for AIDS to develop, which is when HIV has severely damaged the immune system
one way of preventing hiv is to encourage new lovers to wear protection. another way is to put strict regulations on blood that is being used for patients
a third way is for infected blood samples to be placed in a separate room from non infected blood so they cannot be mistaken. another way to prevent a fith way to prevent the spread is to create a facility where drug takers can get clean needles or get rid of their dirty ones. this will prevent the spread by drug injection.
the sixth way is to crack down on needle users and having more officers searching for drug users the seveanth way is to create a vaccine for hiv