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Fast Facts

Continent, Asia

Capital, Tokyo

Population, 126,919,659

Area, 145,911, square mile

Language, Japanese

Religions, Buddhism, Shinto

Distance from D.C to Tokyo 6815,99miles away.

The Japanese Diet

Japan eats many different types of food. things like fruits, sushi, rice, noodles, meat.

They eat these foods because of their culture just like we eat burgers and fries. That's why a lot of people like to eat at Chinese restaurants but Japan offers the same.


Businessmen usually wear suits and ties. A Kimono is worn for celebratory reasons such as a birthday or marriage. A Kimono is a robe with different color sleeves then the rest of the robe. they also wear many of the same things that we wear like jeans t shirts jackets etc.


Japanese health is one of the finest in the world. From insurance health insurance surgeries to even check ups. But it may not be that much of a wealthy country but it has good health. japan also has great doctors they get to have big responsibility like perform surgeries or help give birth.

things i would like to see and do

I would like to go there and eat the food. Also I would like to see some of the famous landscapes such as mountains or plains lakes and so on. But what I would like to do most is go see where all of the anime is made along with the manga that japan makes as well.


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