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Week of December 7th

What's Coming up "in the Pack":


Congratulations Quinn!

We are so proud of you for your participation and good sportsmanship!

18th Holiday Party

in the classroom - the students will be presenting :)

21st- January 1st - No School

THE PACK - has quickly become a FAMILY! We work hard but have fun together! :)

This week the students will be taking i-ready assessments in reading and math - please be sure your child has headsets! Thank you! )


Word Study: Long u patterns

Writer's Workshop: Reaching to Write Well

Information writers elaborate on their topic of expertise and revise their drafts by…

· Studying mentor texts, taking note of all of the different kinds of information that writers use to teach readers about subtopics.

· Connecting their paragraphs to one another using a logical sequence and transitional words.

· Making their writing interesting, being sure to include both facts and ideas.

Reader's Workshop:

Readers determine the main idea of individual paragraphs, sections, and whole texts. They do this by: (RI.3.2)

· Individual Paragraphs

o Identifying the topic sentence (pop out sentence)

o Thinking about the big idea the sentences have in common and then asking, “What specifically does this paragraph tell me about the big idea?”

Main idea can be implied, meaning it has to be inferred from details within the text, or stated directly by the author.

i-ready assessment


Review Multiplication Properties

Division Strategies

i-ready assessment

Social Studies: History of Union County Townships

Working Collaboratively

Mathematic Concepts

WE Love Math!


*Class code GWFJQ.