5th Grade

Keefe, Kingsley & Ward

Upcoming Events

May 17: BizTown Field Trip (bring a bag lunch)

June 1: Camp material drop off 4:00-7:00 (optional)

June 2-3: Camp Whitcomb Field Trip (Please pick up your child at 2:00 on June 3rd)

Classroom Supplies

Parents, thank you SO much for your help in donating envelopes and stamps for our writing activity. It was so amazing to receive so many generous donations so we could make this program a success! Thank you!

As we are working hard in 5th grade, we've noticed that a few of our school supplies have been dwindling. If you would like to help our house out and donate more supplies, we would greatly appreciate it. Here are the supplies that we are in need of:

  • Pencils
  • Dry erase markers
  • Pens (not erasable)
  • Loose leaf
  • Clorox wipes
  • Headphones (if your child doesn't have them yet)

Lunch Menu Changes

Please adjust your lunch selections on the listed dates below:

FRIDAY, MAY 20th: replacing nuggets with CHICKEN NACHOS

WEDNESDAY, MAY 25: replacing nuggets with FRENCH TOAST STICKS

THURSDAY, JUNE 2nd: replacing nuggets with CHICKEN NACHOS


Fantasy project are due June 1st! The creativity is flowing and wonderful activities are being developed using our story elements.


We finished our conversion section of Unit 8, with a quiz. Since these were not reportable standards, you will not see these grades in the grade book, so please check your child's math take home folder for this. (Block 2 didn't take the quiz.) Also, don't forget to sign your child's take home folder sheet.

This week as part of math workshop, students had the option to create a song parody or game board about converting metric and customary units. Take a look at one of those parodies and game boards below.

Next week we will find the area, perimeter, and volume of figures.

All You Units Listen Up


Students are working on their unit 14 spelling packet - due next week Thursday (5/19). They are almost done with spelling packets! Unit 15 will be our last unit!

This week, students participated in the Great American Mail Race after we received a letter from a class in Newton, Kansas. We will see how many states we hear back from in the next month! The race will definitely be a sprint!

Social Studies

Biz Town was an awesome trip and many thanks to all of our parents for making this a memorable experience!


Students finished their Solar System projects this week. We had a science celebration where students shared their understanding of their planet. As students walked around and watched their classmates' presentations, they provided the creator with wishes, stars and one thing they learned.

Accelerated Math

This week, we took our unit assessment on Percents. They were scored and given back yesterday - ask your child how they did! After finishing the test, some students took on the “Target Shopping Spree Challenge,” where they had to spend as close to $1000 as possible on any 8 items from Target.com, while applying a coupon (anywhere from 10%-75% off) to each item. The winners will be revealed next week! We started Unit 7 in our Carnegie text, which focuses on Expressions. So far, we’ve covered order of operations rules, including exponents and lots of parentheses, and square and cube roots. It was a busy, but fun week!
Band Practice Schedule

Please help us out by looking into your student's band schedule. Remind them of the day of the week they have practice and the time. Next week will be the "black week."