2nd Grade Bengal Bulletin

Week of November 6 - November 10

A Few Reminders!

  • Snacks brought to school should be dry, finger snacks. We are still learning and working, and things like applesauce, yogurt, jello, etc. make a big mess! Thank you for your cooperation!
  • This year's Curriculum Night was virtual to honor your time and busy schedules! You can view this anytime at: http://www.katyisd.org/campus/bes/Pages/Virtual-Curr-Night.aspx. This document outlines the way Bryant Elementary runs in terms of curriculum, routines, and procedures. Please check this document first if you have any questions regarding this information.
  • Please be sure to look over Wednesday folders each week and take out all papers before returning them the next day. This is one of the ways the 2nd grade teachers communicate with parents (in addition to email and planners!). If there are papers that come home with your child with missed problems, it is expected that parents review the information with their child. Feel free to contact your child's teacher with any questions!
  • 2nd Grade is working on transferring all of our documents and videos onto Canvas for a 'one-stop shop' experience! Be on the lookout for the link to our 2nd Grade Canvas page coming late next week!


We will continue our look at non-fiction text features at the beginning of the week, and then will have a Reading Test soon after.

For the Reading Test, your child will be asked about the Main Idea of a paragraph / section of a non-fiction passage. The main idea is a phrase / sentence about what the author is trying to teach you. Your child will also need to know such Non-Fiction Text features as:

  • Table of Contents
  • Headers / Subheaders
  • Photographs
  • Captions

Watch for more details in your child's planner!

We will then finish off the week with a fun technology activity that shows what we know about non-fiction text features! Please have your child bring their devices all week and download the free PIC COLLAGE app.

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Word Study

We will be continuing on with our next round of Word Sorts this week. Your child will bring them home on Monday! Be sure to ask your child what a speed sort is, a blind sort, and then a blind sort where they write down the correct spelling on paper. We are doing daily activities at your child's individual spelling level, and can only get better with repeated practice at home! Thank you for your support!
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As writers, we continue to work on our Non-Fiction books! We are making sure we understand our audience so we can use details they would want to know about, we are making sure they are easy to read so we are looking at misspelled words and sounding them out, and we will also look over writing checklists to make sure we know what needs to be done daily in our writing.

We will be having a High Frequency Writing checkup this week. Please study the 2nd grading period starred words, and know how to spell them! You will need to check your child's planner for more details on the date for your class.

In grammar, we will distinguish between singular nouns and plural nouns.

dog = singular (only one)

dogs = plural (more than one)

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We will continue our unit of numeracy to 999 in math with a focus on ordering and comparing numbers. (Ex: 398 > 277). We know that when looking at what number is the largest, we have to look at the largest place value (usually the hundreds!).

Some of our important key words are:

digit: number

value: what each place is worth (2 in the hundreds place = 200, etc.)

Ex: "What is the value of the digit in the tens place in the number 384?" Answer: an 8 in the tens place is worth 80."

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This week, we are focusing on heat energy. Heat energy will be referred to as thermal energy in later grades so we will use both words interchangeably.

We will discuss that when things have *more* heat/thermal energy, they are hotter! When objects have *less* heat energy, they are cooler. We will discover that heat energy can cause things to melt, change colors, or burn.

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Social Studies

We will identify the functions (jobs) of local government workers and how these jobs help our community. Then, on Friday, we will discuss the significance of Veteran’s Day.
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