Air Invasion

Air Attack

D-Day began in the air when after months of planning was about to unfold. It started with planes filled with soldiers who were going to jump out of the planes, swim to the shore, and run up the shore to get ready for battle. These soldiers would have gear and as the planes flew over the ocean they would jump out, open their parachutes, and hit the water ready to swim. Later in the battle we dropped bombs to help win the battle.

Tuesday, June 6th 1944 at 6:30am



6:30 Planes flew in with soldiers

6:35 Soldiers dropped out of the planes in ocean

7:05 Planes drop bombs throughout the battle

One Reason

All these countries came together to start off the battle from the air for one reason. That reason being to take down Hitler


Take down and beat Hitler


The main strategy they used was to distract the German soldiers and make them think they were coming from a different direction. They mislead Hitler to think they were at Scotland and were going to attack from there. Really though the air invasion will be hitting at Normandy.

Outcome of the Battle

The allies won and they took down Hitler.

Impact of the Battle

They put an end to Hitler and his cruel ways and helped Germany restore order and help start with a new beginning by freeing the Jewish in the concentration camps.