The Mesozoic Era

Go on a trip of a life time!!!!!

Information needed to be known before you go on the trip...

The world is in the middle of the continental drift. That means the continents will be drifting apart. If you feel slight movement in the ground, then the continents were more than likely moving; or it's just an earthquake. The weather there stays pretty moderate and warm. The weather doesn't change much either. The weather stays mild, as in warm and humid. The world looks very beautiful, like it would if it was an unspoiled world. The natural population there is dinosaurs. The dinosaurs aren't a dangerous. The T- Rex is the most dangerous animal, outside of the flying killers. If you become friends with these animals they will not kill you. That is former experience I have had.

Must needs in packing...

You must pack clothes that you would wear in the summer, sunscreen (the sun is a killer), and most definitely will need dinosaur repellent. Tyrannosaurus Rex repellent and Allosaurus repellent is the most recommended repellents.


We sell our trips by every 3 days. It costs 350$ per person, every 3 days. The most amount of days you can go is 9 days. We only accept checks.

Price of vacation for 1 person:

3 days: 350$

6 days: 700$

9 days: 1050$